Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrift Finds.

oh my, i haven't been thrifting in FOREVER! I finally got to go this past weekend and here's my finds!!

Our neighbors had a garage sale which was awesome!

Yay for creepy clowns!!

I got all this crap from some estate sales. I never thought I'd find Strawberry Shortcake salt and pepper shakers or a Kirby game at an estate sale...

Look at this guy.....he thinks he's so cool now with his old man jacket! He is pretty cute though.

I got this sweater at an estate sale for $1.00!! I looooove it but Jay absolutely hates it, but he's dumb.

I went back to this one estate sale on Sunday and got more awesome crap!

I can't believe I found another lazy Susan!

Retro rainy day craft box!

I got this stuff from Goodwill. I'm starting to have a thang for lids......


Anonymous said...

I like the craft box, but that clown is scary!

Chin said...
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Chin Lee 3 said...

Wow, all you need now is a "Reefer Madness" poster to pull it all together.