Friday, October 9, 2009

Flashback Friday.

Hereeee she issssssss, Miiiiiissss Ameeerrrricaaaaaa!

I was Miss America, can't you tell? All I know is that I pretty much wear my makeup like that now...but I wish my hair was still that awesome! Somethings missing......where's my sash and crown?????????

I was Miss America and Sunny was Bell, now I don't remember Bell having blonde hair.....but ok...

What's awesome about this Halloween is that we both had chicken pox and that STILL didn't stop us from going trick or treating., trick or treating....YES! Yeah, we we're pretty hardcore.

A few Halloween thangs your not going to see, which is pretty lame....I was Carrie one year! It was pretty cool. I had a pink prom dress on and my mom poured tomato paste all over me, it was awesome but very very cold. I don't know why we don't have pictures of that Halloween...grrrr!

Also, I couldn't find any pictures of Jay dressed up for Halloween, which sucks! I asked him if he went trick or treating and he said yes, but I don't believe him. I think he was deprived!

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mommaruth said...

I have two (girl) cousins and we're all withtin a two-year age difference of each other. Every Halloween, our parents gave us $5.00 to spend at what we called the "junk store". We'd buy old prom dresses and turn them into princesses, witches, dancers, etc. It got our imagination running wild! Those are some of my best memories of dressing up for Halloween - but we don't have any pictures ;(