Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday.

Halloween Flashback Friday!

Me as the Mona Lisa and my sister Sunny as an Oscar award winning actress.
This was my last year to enter our local Halloween costume contest, and that frown on my face in not just me imitating the Mona Lisa, but also me being nones to happy about being there. To make it worse I tripped on the sheet when I was walking on stage and fell. Awesome! My sister looks like a little old lady....

This costume was a lot more fun! I was a headless woman. This costume was awesome but if I remember correctly, it was really hard to hold onto a trick or treating bag.....but I did win a costume contest! Sunny was Princess Jasmine! LAME! lol! The others kids are a princess, a bride, an army guy, and a zombie football player? I guess?


apparentlyjessy said...

LOVE the headless costume, I can see why you won the contest hehe

Becky said...

I love love love it! :) the Mona Lisa is very clever!!