Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Birthday.

For my birthday this year, Jay and I went to Austin because we wanted to go to the City Wide Garage Sale, which is more like an indoor antique mart (barf).

All day I got people asking me if I really liked candy.....

I said "Let me take a picture of you driving" and this is what I got...he's crazy!

We stopped by Asahi Imports because it's our favorite place ever! Of course everything we bought had chocolate on it and it was like 103 outside and like 1000 degrees in the car so I had to keep the stuff in my purse alllll daaaaaay.

It was really really hot outside. Like melt your face hot. But I do love his Merlotte's shirt!

This is like the only picture I have of things around Austin because with the heat, came my grumpiness and taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. This is Hey Cupcake, they have the best carrot cake cupcakes!

This is after I told him to go wait for me in the car and I 'll stay in line. Jerk.

Hello lady in my picture!

We went to this awesome little thrift store to pick these guys up. We had seen them a month before but for some reason decided not to get them. As soon as we got home we both said that we really wanted them lol. We went back and they were there! Yay!!

Here's what we got from the indoor garage sale. I could have easily dropped like $1000, because there was sooo much stuff that I wanted but everything was so damn expensive. I got this lazy susan type thang for $5, which is great! I love it! It has a place for flour,sugar,tea, and coffee and it's so cute!

I also got this for $5! Looks great on my coffee table!

This is our best find! Jay has been wanting one of these forever. It was $30 and it still works! It's from 1939 and when it was bought brand new it cost $29.99, I thought that was pretty neat.

So we went a little crazy at Asahi Imports....

My birthday cake was supposed to say "I can haz cake??" but Baskin Robbins NEVER gets orders right.

I finally got my heels in! Yay!!

Here's the rest of my birthday presents from Jay!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good birthday - and got lots of goodies :)

You could email Cake Wrecks about your cake ;)

~ ennui ~ said...

♥ Happy Birthday ♥

That Zenith perfection ;)

Becky said...

You got the heels!!!!??? Where'd you get them :) They are way awesome!!!

JulieTew said...

Yes!!! I got them off ebay, they came in from England and it took FOREVER for them to get here!! But I looove them!