Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Reunion/4th of July

Jay's family has a family reunion the week of the 4th every year since 1930. Everyone gets together and camps all week. They have wienie roasts, and BBQ'a and fish frys. Everyone goes swimming and catches up with each other. It all accumulates on July 4th with fireworks and a bonfire. Jay and I finally were able to go this time around, our first time going in like 6 years! We've missed it. Jay missed it so much that he told me, everyday, that we are definitely camping next year.

Here's Jay with some of his family.

Papa Joe and Memaw (Jay's grandparents), Sherri (Jay's mom), Jay, Andy (Jay's uncle), Mike (uncle), Kathy (aunt) and Johnny (uncle)

These two were missing from the above photo because they were swimming. Jay's brother Waylie and his little sister Crystal.

Jay and Waylie.

Crystal and Jay, showing off their fingernails.

Me. It was so damn hot.

He looks so small!

On the evening of July 4th, we got to see a fireworks show!! It was so awesome!

Then there was a bonfire.

Jay looks kinda pissed in this picture because right before this, I was trying to get his picture really close to the fire and a whole bunch of fire works went off, towards us.....I thought it was fun, Jay not so much. And then right after this picture someone jumped over the fire, twice, fun crazy night!

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