Monday, May 11, 2009


I had a really fun weekend! Saturday we went to garage sales and thrift stores, then that night we went to my cousin's wedding. Sunday, we went and saw Star Trek which was awesome!! Then, Jay and I spent time with our moms for Mother's Day which was really nice! Then we had nachos! YAY!!

Here's that dress I got from Forever 21!!

Yay for weird expressions and bruised up knees! But Jay looks like a Jonas Brother and that's awesome! lol

The fam minus mom because she was taking the picture! I loove that my sister looks like Cher!

Also, I was featured on this really awesome site, Full On Style!!! YAY!!!


Jessica said...

You guys look great! I love your dress and your hair looked awesome!

Your getting so skinny!

JulieTew said...

Aww Thank you!!!

Becky said...

You look so awesome!!!! That dress is very pretty on you! And your hair is perfect :) That orange dress looks very nice on your sis! Good Pictures!

JulieTew said...

Thank you Becky!! It was so weird because I haven't worn a dress since my own wedding almost 2 years ago so I look kinda awkward in some pictures lol.