Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flea Market Finds.

Here's my flea market finds from last Sunday! I've been so busy I almost forgot to post about them. All pyrex and the orange bowl in my new favorite bowl! Looove!

Plus we got Jay a "new" super Nintendo because his had stopped working. Turns out it was just the adapter(?) that had gone out so he just replaced the old adapter with this newer one. He was so happy that he got his original Nintendo that he got for Christmas when he was a little kid to start working again! 


Anonymous said...

Nice :)

Jessica said...

Why is it that nintendo's from 10 years ago still work, but Xbox's crash in a month??

zoe said...

I just realized my mom's house have one similar bowl like yours hehe perhaps i wish she don't dump it! Beautiful finds!

I remember i love to play my brother's nintendo's in those day i was a kid.
Happy Sat!


JulieTew said...

Jessica no joke! Jay's Nintendo is 19 years old but we've gone through like 4 x-boxes!