Monday, May 18, 2009

Garage Sale/Flea Market Finds.

Here's my garage sale/flea market finds from the past two weekends.

First, I found this awesome formica table at the flea market for $25.00 this weekend!! I couldn't believe it! It needs some work but it's actually in pretty good shape.

**swoon** I knew I was going to get it as soon as I saw it! Love at first sight!

Found this dress at a garage sale. Super cute!

Yeah, I have a thang for coffee mugs. 

Aren't these guys just adorable!! Looove them!

Last weekends finds. Dishes and vinyl pretty awesome!

Lastly, I got this cute little party dress for $3.00 at a garage sale! I don't know what I'm going to with it but I just had to get it!


Little Miss Baker said...

Girl! You found some awesome stuff!! Those dresses and that table; jealous! I need to flea market shop in your area forsure :) Thanks for following my blog! I will def. be following yours! xo

apparentlyjessy said...

Awesome finds! I love the dresses, and that table is surely the best of all...would love to see the 'after' renovation photos!

Jessica said...

I'm sad that you never take me with you on these adventures! :(

I love the dresses and that table is really cute. I know that is a weird word to describe furniture but it is!

Also, I too have a weird thing about coffee mugs...I probably own 50...whoops.

Becky said...

The table is going to be amazing! $25? awesome! I also love those lil owls!

JulieTew said...

Thank you gals!!

Little Miss: Thank you!! I love your blog! And our flea market it very hit and miss, I was shocked when I found this table there!

Jessy: I am so excited about fixing it up! This will be the second formica table we got and fixed up, and the first one came up out really awesome so I can't wait to see this one all fixed up!

Jessica: Your comment made me so sad, girl!! lol! You, me and the guys need to get together one weekend and go to garage sales and get crap we don't need lol!

Becky: They wanted $35 for it but since it does need some work we got them down to $25 which is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Great finds - especially the table and chairs, very cool!