Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Thangs.....

My God, have I been busy. Super busy with the shop and such. But I was able to get a few shirts and go see a movie with my mom!

A few shops are having some sales....

I got these tops from Treadless!

And I got these from SEIBEI!

I got this one for Jay.

My mom and I went to see Julie & Julia, which was great, well at least the parts about Julia Child. I loooved her parts but the ones with Julie Powell were dreadful! Freaking annoying. I still liked it and probably will still get it when it comes out on DVD, I'll just fast forward the parts about Julie Powell LOL!

I also went to Beaumont last weekend to visit with my grandparents, I'm going to try and blog about that this weekend!

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apparentlyjessy said...

Love the t-shirts, especially the kitten/zombie one!