Friday, August 21, 2009

Garage Sale Finds.

Here's my garage sale finds from last weekend and today. This is also a study in how you can have an awesome garage weekend and then the worst the next weekend!

I got all this neat crap last Friday and Saturday!

I've been looking for these little bastards EVERYWHERE! I see them all the time at "indoor garage sales" or flea markets for like $12.00 bucks a piece! HA! I got these for $4.00.

We drink a lot of coffee.....

This is my booty from last Saturday! Most of this is from an estate sale that was have a 1/2 sale.

BTW I looove estate sales but they are usually REALLY expensive, so if you go to them ask them if they will be having a sale day because they usually do.

more coffee mugs for my sick coffee mug fetish...

Oh, how I loooooove good garage sale weekends!!

What a bad photo. I'm sorry but it's super hard to take photos of clothes, but believe me, these clothes are awesome!

And then sometimes you come home with this nightmare. This is what I got today. I was going to keep it but I don't think I can.....I'm terrified. There's cake in my kitchen, right now, that I very much want to eat but I'm too scared to go in there because this abomination is sitting on my kitchen table.....

BTW on the box it says "Glares, showing his teeth and chattering" you know, because that's fun.


elishacopeland said...

HAHAHAHA at the last paragraph-you have much better luck than me most of the time :( im in need of an estate sale soon they are so addicting! great finds!

art*deco*dame said...

great finds!

Anonymous said...

That monkey needs to be destroyed - it looks very evil!

BeeLoveLee said...

I'm totally jealous of your "little bastard" bowls! I look for those puppies everywhere too..

♥zoe♥ said... many of great finds and awesome price! You lucky girl:)
Enjoy your lovely Monday!