Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Garage Sale.

I HATE having garage sales. HATE IT! But I also hate having a bunch of crap in my house that I don't need or want anymore, so my parents, sister, Jay and myself all got together to have the very last garage sale we ever want to have. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Just your average garage sale dealings, super hot, people trying to haggle you down to ridiculous amounts, stealing. I'm serious, someone stole a big cookie jar. How lame, right? Anyways, it was actually the most successful garage sale we've ever had which was awesome! We got rid of lots of stuff and every thing that didn't sale got donated. Jay and I will, hopefully, be moving within the next year, so this was a, "I don't want to move this crap," garage sale. Yay!

It doesn't look very big but it really was.

Jay was kinda bummed to get rid of the tent but he hadn't used it in like 5 years. I told him I would only go camping in camper and then he told me that was cheating so boo on him!

No one wanted the telescope so it came back into the house (sadface).

The "helpers" my sister Sunny and Jay. Hey Jay, nice fanny pack!

I baked some cupcakes and sold them for .50 which was fun and they did really well.

Excuse me sir, but you didn't pay for that cupcake.

From now on, I just go to garage sales, not have them.


apparentlyjessy said...

Those cupcakes are real cute! Glad your sale was a success, I agree they are hard work!

JulieTew said...

Thank you! Yes, it sucks having them but it's lots of fun going to them.