Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've been crazy busy this week so I'm just now getting to post my garage sale/flea market finds from last weekend!

First, this is why I buy dog toys from garage sales. I think it's crazy to spend $10.00 on one toy that my jerk dogs are going to tear up in a minute. I could seriously spend $10.00 at a garage sale and get like 30 toys. I've been doing this for so long that now I'm really picky about what toys to get them lol. I really like to get characters from movies or TV shows like the cat in the hat he's tearing apart in the above picture. I've also learned that my dogs like toys with flailing arms because they are demented. FYI if you do this don't get toys with those little beans in them, not only will your dog probably eat them but they will get those beans EVERYWHERE. (doesn't that cat look so sad lol)

Here's what I scored from garage sales! Everything for $6.75! Not bad!

Here's the ballerina prints. I though they were too cute and totally worth $1.00.

This is the buy that made my husband think that I am completely insane. I love them and they were only $2.00 so he can STFU.

I also got these for my dad and Jay. A 5 gallon bucket full of golf balls for $3.00! Not bad!

Here's my flea market finds (excluding the Betsey J. purse).
A close up of the mug in case you didn't realize it had BOOBIES! hehe LOOOOVE IT!! Oh and they move! Awesome!


apparentlyjessy said...

Haha, you are definitely talented at finding gems at garage sales! I reckon that mug is awesome, my boyfriend would so love the moving boobies!
I love the ballerina prints too! :)

Anonymous said...

man - such great finds. I am jealous!!