Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday.

Prom seasons coming up so for this Flashback Friday I thought I'd share our prom pictures. We went to three proms. Why? Because we're lame. Yay!

Jay's junior prom 2002. This prom was pretty fun, and I loove Jay's matrix jacket thing he has going on....oh and Mr. Time can I have that body back, please?

Jay's senior prom 2003. Look how punk we are! (HA!) This was actually a really fun prom. We were showing "The Man" (Robinson High School) by having pink hair and checkered Vans. I also loove that giant rose bush thing that's on my wrist.

My junior prom 2004. Not having it. By this time we we're really burnt out on prom. We didn't get the professional prom pictures done because we seriously stayed at prom for thirty minutes. But what's good is that Jay looks like Scarface and that makes me happy.


Jessica said...

Priceless photos!
Loved this flashback! :D

Jessica said...

PS- Nice new button! Haha

Toni Brooker said...

oh my goodness!!! How fun!!! You two are adorable... =)

JulieTew said...

lol Thank you! These pictures make me feel old lol

Anonymous said...

Nice pics :P