Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Things have been kinda weird around here lately. Jay got laid off from his job at the end of October, and as you probably understand I haven't felt like blogging. To be honest I actually forgot about this blog. It's been very stressful around here......but things are looking up! Jay just got another job and will be starting in a few weeks. I'm going to try my hardest to start blogging again......sorry Granny for the lack of Flashback Fridays.


art*deco*dame said...

I hear yeah,mu hubby has been laid off since May,I try to keep my blog upbeat so its hard to post sometimes cause I always feel stressed and dont want to blog about that kinda stuff

apparentlyjessy said...

Sorry to hear about your stresses, it's very good news that Jay got a new job. I hope all picks up for you both!

Anonymous said...

It will get better, baby.